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Best Tips for Hiring an iPhone App Development Company 3 years ago

With the growth of mobile industry and the digitization of all businesses, you need to build apps for your business and services as well. With iPhone apps being most reliable and trusted by users, businesses and startups are looking out for a hiring iPhone app development company in Ireland. The iPhone app development services provided by companies in Ireland engages iPhone users effectively. You need to keep a few things in mind for hiring iPhone app developers.

#1: The developer’s goals should match with your business goals The aim of the developers should be to build the next-generation iOS apps that not only drive the digital enterprise to generate more business potential and greater market penetration but also lead to a generation of new revenues and markets and increasing productivity. For this, you need to collaborate with them and build comprehensive, thoughtful, and purpose-driven iOS app solutions.

#2: Check out that the developers you hire are experienced The company you hire should have extensive experience of not only providing you with the app having latest technology features integrated into your customized iPhone app, but should also manage the complete lifecycle of the app. Moreover, it should have a proven track record of developing iPhone applications not only for local clients but global clients as well. Check for mobile app awards and recognition and reviews of the company’s projects from their website or other reliable sources and clients.

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#3: Use of updated technology by developers is a must The app developers should have updated knowledge of the ever-changing technology, tools, and developing industry best practices, for designing and implementing sustainable iPhone app solutions. The developers should be continuously trained for new skills, technologies, features, latest updates, tools, and techniques in iPhone app development process to ensure that your app gets a cutting edge in the app market. For example, they should be amongst the early adopters of Swift mobile app programming language. The app developers in the company should have mastered the resilient and concise Swift code and developed several iPhone/iPad solutions using it. They should be adept at using all latest technology such as real-time analytics, geo-tagging, route matching, video streaming, etc. in their apps.

#4: Allow your app to synchronize with other applications in offline mode as well Make sure that the iOS app development company you hire can enable your app to connect with existing business applications (that were not meant to be connected to mobile devices over the internet) and your backend systems like CRM, ERP, HRM. This ensures storage and security of data with proper authorization and encryption. Moreover, you may want an iPhone app solution that functions in offline mode like in areas where wireless coverage is limited. This makes your app more productive regardless of the network coverage.

#5: Check that the app development companies fulfil the security needs of your app The iOS app development company you hire should implement and offer secure applications for your industry. The security features that iPhone app developers need to focus on include authorization, authentication, MDM, HIPAA, app management and distribution, and securing saved data and data being transferred.

#6: Keep in mind the future of the app with Internet of Things (IoT) You should hire an iPhone app development company that deals with building applications and back-end systems that may be integrated with and power connected devices and wearables. The company should foresee the technology developments and structure the app such that Google Home, Amazon Alexa, printers, temperature sensors, barcode scanners, Bluetooth low energy beacons, or any other new technology, may be easily incorporated with it.

#7: Get to know the iPhone app development methodology they use You need to check the development methodology used by the company. The waterfall methodology should be used to define and conceptualize the detailed scope of iPhone app, i.e., its requirements, wireframes, visual designs, architecture, etc. This should be followed by an Agile methodology for development, QA, distribution, deployments, and optimizations and maintenance. The company should provide all services right from conceptualizing the app to its release and submission to the App Store, i.e., throughout its lifecycle.

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#8: Be clear regarding the iPhone app development approach you want them to choose You need to discuss and select the best client architecture amongst Mobile Web App, Native App, Hybrid App approaches for your app. The unique, different aspects you need to be considered while choosing the right approach include device form factor, variable bandwidth, sporadic connectivity, multi-platform support, and user experience.

While native apps are based on Swift/Objective-C, hybrid apps deploy codes in HTML, CSS, and frameworks like PhoneGap, Ionic, or Mobile Web and may be used across multiple mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Similarly, cross-platform apps. Based on Xamarin or React Native, that work across multiple devices and mobile operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Android, etc. may be the best approach to your app needs.

#9: Check out for competitive pricing Your budget is another important consideration while choosing an iPhone app development company in Ireland. So, you need to choose a company that has better control over the development process, reusable accelerators, flexible engagement models, and offshore development teams as well. The company should be providing a competitive price without compromising on the quality of your app.

Takeaway Thus, in short, you need to choose a company that understands your requirements and provides high performance, secure, engaging, and budget-friendly iPhone app solutions.